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About Academic Publishing

Based in the U.S., Acadademic Publishing is an international company, with our Editor in Norway, our Editorial Director in Italy and Editorial Boards that span the globe. We strongly encourage open dialougue between nations and cultures, collaborating with scholars around the world. This brings to each and every issue of our journals a broad and sometimes different perspective.

Academic Publishing focuses on specialty journals for the academic community. Our flagship publication is the
Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review (ASRR), a journal dedicated to book reviews and review essays in the field of New Religious Movements and Alternative Spirituality. With the ASRR, we bring together international scholars in the field to stay on top of the growing number of new releases. This periodical draws on the expertise of its editor, James R. Lewis, a senior scholar in the New Religions field.

The Journal of Religion & Violence (JRV) is
an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of religion and violence.

The goal of our academic journals is to provide forums in which researchers can stay abreast of developments in their respective fields. We focus on providing recent and relevant book reviews that are essential for helping professionals efficiently keep up to date in their fields and assist them in choosing which books and research materials are best suited for their particular needs.